Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Difference of Gorilla trekking between Uganda and Rwanda

Gorillas are something that many travelers and adventures are excited about and looking to try out. The best countries to visit for gorilla trekking are Uganda and Rwanda and there is absolutely no argument about that.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking or the experience of trekking mountain gorillas is the same in both Uganda and Rwanda and it is organized  professionally, gorilla tracking activities are ranked as the number one tourist attraction in both Rwanda and Uganda and in Africa. Uganda and Rwanda also have well developed accommodation ranging from budget accommodation to luxurious safari lodges around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda and around Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the park guides/rangers in both countries are well trained and well informed as they guide you through the impenetrable forests of East Africa with useful information about gorillas and Africa. All park rangers/guides in Uganda speak good English and in Rwanda they speak both French and English.

But the question a lot of people end up asking is which country offers the best opportunities and experience for Gorilla trekking?

Prices of the Gorilla tracking permits

Rwanda and Uganda require you to purchase a gorilla permit before you can go gorilla tracking. Gorilla permits in Uganda are 600 USD each, while in Rwanda permits are 1500 USD each. Both permit give you a one-hour time to track a particular gorilla group where a maximum of a group of 8 tourists can track. The money paid is a conservation fund to support the gorilla conservation and the communities around the gorilla habitat. If you consider gorilla tracking permit as an important factor in choosing a country to track from, then you would consider Uganda, but if this is not the case, any can work for you. There are also more activities to add to your safari in Uganda.