Saturday, May 04, 2013

Gorilla Activities in Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla Activities in Mgahinga National Park
when gorillas are living on soil, which is most of the time, eight people can visit per day, it costs $600 including entrance fee, ranger-guide Ugandan and armed guards.
Trips depart from park headquarters at 8:30am,but try to check with the office in kisoro the day before your trip to confirm your arrival.unlike  Bwindi, bookings are not done at UWA headquarters in Kampala, you must make your reservation by phoning the park offices in kisoro at least a week before (0486-430098). payments are done at the park on the tracking date.

Because of this system tours and travel agents rarely come to this park, making it a good place to get permits on the last minute.all the eight places are usually filled in the summer and Christmas high seasons, but even on other months one or two people can often arrive and get tracking spot in a day or two.

it usually takes longer to reach the gorillas here than in bwindi, but the going is much easier than in the impenetrable forests, and photographs are usually better because the gorillas are often found out in the open.

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