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Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest national park which measures approximately 3,840 square kilometers (1,480 sq mi). Together with the neighboring Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and the Karuma Wildlife Reserve. The park is part of the 5,308 square kilometers (2,049 sq mi) Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA). Murchison Falls National Park is located in Masindi District in western Uganda and in Amuru in northern Uganda. The park is positioned approximately 300 kilometers (190 mi), by road, northwest of Kampala Uganda’s capital city.
The park is a home to the large African wild animals including: Water buffalo,Elephant,Crocodile,Lion,Leopard,Hippopotamus,Antelope,Giraffes,Uganda Kob,Oribi,and other animals. The Nile River, within the park, is a home of variety of water birds, including the rare Shoe bill stork.

Take breakfast and drive to Murchison falls national park passing through the famous Luwero triangle, Masindi, Budongo forest on the western arm of the Great Rift Valley.
The voyage will provide you with vast stunning panoramas, and then reach the park in the afternoon. Drive to the top of the falls where the Nile perfects its magnificence. Here you will see the calm Nile plunging its self through a narrow gorge to fall a gap of about 150 ft down churning out a deafening roar of white water- far-fetched scenery.

Take a cup of tea to warm up before going for an early morning game drive in the northern part of Murchison falls National Park led by your tour guide. This drive will reward you with encounters of game like, hyenas, leopards, jackals, lions, buffaloes, Uganda Kob , elephants, and many more savannah wild life species. Return for mid morning breakfast and lunch. In the afternoon, you will retire from the game drive for the Boat cruise or launch cruise along the Victora Nile. This takes you to the bottom of the falls and it will provide an opening to view some of the water animals like the crocodiles, buffaloes, hippos and plenty of birds. Retire for dinner and over night at the lodge of your budget.
DAY 3 TO Kampala. – Or Optional Chimpanzee Trekking in Budongo Forest
Early morning rise. Prepare for an early excursion to Budongo Forest. You will take part in an early morning walk in this vast forest where you will get to see a variety of primates and chimpanzees. This forest has one of the highest primate concentrations in the whole world. You will see families of chimpanzees, baboons, colobus monkeys and other primates swinging freely between the forest trees. Retreat back to the lodge. Have a rest. Have Lunch and head back to Kampala. Arrive early evening and wind off at your hotel.

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