Friday, March 15, 2013

Travel to the chimps island

Chimpanzee Trekking on island,

This island is located 23km from Entebbe, it consists of an approximately of 100 acres of land and 98 are forested and separated from visitors are with electric fences.
 it provides  a safe haven for the orphaned chimps, it offers unique opportunity for close viewing of the chimps in their natural environment.

 The island can be accessed in different ways: by flight recently introduced and it costs $980 USD but can be shared among four people who may use the helicopter  and it takes only 15 minutes,

We can use speed boat costs $280 USD if shared it comes to $80 USD and this takes 45 minutes,

The traditional canoe boats cruise  are also available to the island and cost $60 USD per person and it takes 90 minutes,
 all the this prices includes entrance  and guide fees
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