Sunday, November 02, 2014

Holiday in Uganda

KAMPALA, Uganda - The ‘Holiday in Uganda’ Expo that was launched in Kampala recently, is an attempt to revitalise tourism for both locals and foreign visitors. 
Speaking at the launch, Priscilla Butagura, the Chairperson Holiday in Uganda Expo said there is need to motivate Ugandans to travel around their country and this inspired the idea for the expo.
She said, “The expo was meant to encourage domestic tourism targeting Ugandans and foreigners. We should not only wait for visitors, but also view ourselves as potential and actual consumers of tourism. Domestic tourism is an educational process for the environment since it plays a big role in influencing public view point,” she said.
Some of the initiatives the Expo has come up with include the ‘Home stays’ a feature which will see foreign tourists stay in peoples homes and absorb themselves in different aspects of Uganda’s cultures and ways of doing things.
 According to John Ssebowa, the deputy Executive officer at the Uganda Tourism Board said promoting Domestic Tourism can revitalize the sectors potential to generate more resources instead of depending on the international visitors Semppebwa urged Uganda sto develop the spirit of visiting the country’s Tourism sites saying this will enable the sector to generate more revenues but also to create more Jobs to the ordinary people in the rural areas .
He said as the Government Chief marketing Agency for the tourism sector , UTB will is committed to promote the country’s Tourism sector by marketing both the  National parks and cultural  as Tourism destination for Uganda. We have stated with the Imbalu in Bugishu region as UTB we are going to market that culture to see that it attract more tourists like the National parks in the country”
 He challenged all Ugandans to promote Domestic Tourism by coming up with products that can be marketed by the Government  ,he noted that Government is willing to work with the private sector in promoting both  the local content and the international one  in the tourism Sector  
“As Government we are working day and night to see that all obstacles that may hinder domestic tourism is eliminated  that is why Government is opening all access roads across the country to enable easy movement of both international and local tourist, apart from the Roads the Government has tried to see that  all negative forces that have been operating in the country are wiped out that is why our next destination in promoting tourism  will be Northern Uganda because the place is safe but with a lot of tourism attractions “He explained  about Government commitments.
In way of promoting Domestic Tourism Government has come  with various platform through which Ugandans can be brought on board to appreciate Domestic tourism one of the platforms include the  Miss Uganda Tourism pageant 
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