Tuesday, May 09, 2017



The demand for Uganda tourism is likely to shoot up, after Rwanda development board announced the increment in the price on gorilla tracking permits from $750 upto $1500 for all visitors.

The Ugandan tourism board executive director Mr. Steven Asimwe confirmed that there will be no change in the Ugandan costs, he said that the decision made by Rwanda as a country it does not anyway affect the volume of our trackers here in Uganda, that we have low rates during low season or high during high season, they will remain as they are.

Uganda charges $600 USD per permit and it’s not going to change. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) always offer discounts of up to 40% during low season,.

The tour operators operating in Bwindi Impenetrable forests and Mgahinga national park south western Uganda, challenged the minister for Tourism Mr. Kiwanda, to increase the number of permits available per day from existing eight.

Mountain Gorillas are an endangered species, with only around 880 remaining in the world, of those in Virunga massif, and this the biggest attraction in the region.

Gorilla tracking permits are issued by wildlife Managing Authority  UWA  for Uganda and RDB for Rwanda the either country, and they fully responsible for the trading of the trekking permits, plus regulation  and control, costs and prices are all set by the managing wildlife Authority.
 Tours and travel agents work on behalf of the Authority, and client can contact th managing Authority directly, it's the same Authority responsible for all the gazetted wildlife protected areas like national  game parks, forest reserves, Zoos, and the rest  for the whole country.

In Uganda mountain Gorillas and be tracked only in two places that's Bwindi and Mgahinga forested  national parks  and permit is required which can be obtained from the wildlife managing Authority or though Tours and travel agent.
Gorilla permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park are costing $600 USD per permit per trek per person  Uganda Wildlife Authority. always sets up discounted prices depending on the season like in November 2016, gorilla trekking permits have been discounted to $450USD.
So please do contact us for updates about this. UWA always reviews its prices and tariffs every year. for Rwanda the gorilla permit price is $1500 Our offices are always open to advise you on the price of gorilla permits.

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